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Cycad species & genus information...

Cycads for Africa Specialises in Encephalartos....

Cycads for Africa, based in South Africa's famous Garden Route (just outside of Knysna) focuses mainly on the Encephalartos genus, which incorporates all of 50 species! - making this group of plants the second biggest genus of Cycad in the world. View our species sold below...


There are 11 genera of cycads, consisting of at least 185 species.

This impressive diversity does not count the species that do not yet have names or classification, and the species that haven't even been discovered yet.

More about Encephalartos...

All the species in this genus are endemic to Africa. Sizes range from small to large with non-jointed leaflets. The lower leaflets are often reduced and spine-like.

E. Altensteinii

A medium-sized to large cycad. Erect or reclining trunk. Up to 5m tall and 35m across growing singly or in clumps. Suited to sub-tropical and temporate regions. Can tolerate light to moderate frosts. Highly ornamental.

E. Aemulans

Described in 1990 on a single hill in Natal. A medium sized cycad, trunk up to 3cm tall. Dark green leaves grown in full sun tolerates light frost requires well drained soil.

E. Arenarius.

A small cycad subterranean or erect to reclining trunk 1m tall Described in 1956 in a limited costal area on stabilized sand dunes. Bright green leaves Grown in full sun or semi shade although shade is preferred, and is very sensitive to frost. Soil to be sandy but moist.

E. Caffer

A small subterranean cycad ,dark green twisted leaves grown in full sun, tolerates light frost soil acidy excellent drainage moist soil found in the coastal areas of the Transkei and eastern cape.

E. Cerinus

A small subterranean cycad sometimes trunk emerges to +- 30cm tall with blue/green leaves. endemic to Northern Natal, grows on cliffs and escarpments of river gorges, described in 1989, illegal poaching has about 50 adult plants in the wild. A dwarf specie best grown in full sun, can handle partial shade though. Requires excellent drainage, tolerates light to heavy frost and prefers alkaline soil.


A small cycad with a maximum trunk lenth of 1.5m tall Dark green leaves grown in full sun prefers alkaline soil, and tolerates very heavy frosts and snow. Endemic to the mountainous regions of the Eastern Cape.


A medium to large cycad with a trunk reaching up to 4m. Endemic to a single granite hill in the northern Transvaal. Blue leaves, best grown in full sun and requires excellent drainage and frost tolerance is not high. Originally called the Eugene naraisii was segregated in 1988.


A large cycad with a trunk reaching 7.5m blue leaves, grown best in full sun, tolerates very heavy frost well drained soil. Endemic to Transvaal now remained Gauteng.


A small cycad, subterranean with the stem rarely emerging to 2m tall. Enjoys full shade but do grow in sun. Dark green leaves also enjoys damp soil conditions and tolerance to frost is very low. Endemic to Northern Natal and Southern Mozambique, also found +-50m from the beach, sometimes almost on the high water mark. It's cones are probably the most colorful in the genus.


A medium to large size cycad, sturdy trunks reaching up to 4m tall. A dull blue green thin leafed cycad enjoys full sun, Alkaline well drained is preferred , very hardy and tolerates heavy frost and light snow. Slow grower. Endemic to the mountains of the eastern cape in the regions of Cathcart and Queenstown.


A medium sized cycad with an erect trunk to 2.5m tall. Dark green leaves enjoys full sun or partial shade and tolerates light frost only. Endemic to south eastern Malawi and north west Mozambique.


A small cycad with a trunk of 8m long. Blue grey spiny leaves enjoys full sun hot conditions Alkaline well drained soil, tolerates light to moderate frost Endemic to Eastern Cape.


A medium sized cycad with erect trunks to 2.5m tall. Soapy green leaves, suited to tropical and subtropical regions can be grown in full sun but best leaf appearance is obtained in semi shade. Sensitive t6o damage from frost. Endemic to Southern Kenya.


(old name E.Lebomboensis).
A medium sized cycad with an erect trunk of 4m tall. Bright green glossy leaves, easy grower, hardy enjoys full sun, requires well drained soil, but may be damaged by heavy frost. Occurring in southern Mozambique, Swaziland, northern Natal and south eastern Transvaal.


A small to medium cycad with an erect trunk of 2m tall fleavily bluish leaves, enjoys full sun hot conditions Alkaline well drained soil, must not be over watered tolerates moderate to heavy frost. Endemic to the eastern cape, Semi arid regions.


A medium to large cycad, stem reaching up to 4.5m tall Dark olive green leaves, easily grown and adaptable, best in full sun in well drained moderately acid sandy soils. Tolerates light frost only Endemic to eastern cape. P.S Local natives used the pith of the stems of this specie to prepare a form of bread.


A small to medium cycad with a erect trunk of 1.5m tall Dark green leaves, suited to cool tropical and sub tropical regions. Enjoys sun and semi shade tolerates light frost. Occurring in North eastern Zimbabwe and central Mozambique.


A large cycad with an erect or reclining trunk up to 6m tall. Bright green leaves best grown in full sun Enjoys rich soil tolerates moderate frost. Endemic in Natal and Zululand.


A small subterranean trunk light green to dark leaves requires a sunny position with excellent drainage. In cold areas, plants often shed leaves - keep plant dry until new leaves approach. Tolerates light to moderate frost. Endemic to Swaziland, Zululand and Transvaal.


A medium to large cycad trunk erect to 4m tall. Blue leaves, full sun and needs excellent drainage. Tolerates heavy frost. Endemic to the area of the great Kei river Eastern cape.


A small cycad with a subterranean or emergent trunk of 1m tall Dark green leaves, suited to tropical regions grows in full sun and semi shade, needs protection against frost.. Endemic to north eastern Tanzania.


A small cycad with erect or reclining trunk of 1m tall. Blue green leaves, a very hardy species best appearance when grown in full sun enjoys dry well drained soil and can tolerate moderate frost. Endemic to Eastern Cape.


A small subterranean trunk to 30cm long. Dark green leaves, best grown in shade enjoys rich soil frost tolerance is very low. Endemic to Swaziland


(was called Piet Retief).
The trunks are stout, 1-2m tall. Bright green leaves moist soil but well drained full sun to semi shade Tender to frost Endemic to Swaziland and Northern Natal.


A medium sized cycad with an erect or reclining trunk to 3m tall. Dark green glossy leaves suited to tropical or sub tropical regions. Full sun or filtered sun but requires excellent drainage Sensitive to frost Endemic to North Eastern Mozambique.


Dark green leaves, best grown in shade, enjoys damp rich mucky soil and is sensitive to frost. Endemic to Swaziland, Eastern Cape and Natal.


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