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There are 11 genera of cycads, consisting of at least 185 species

This impressive diversity does not count the species that do not yet have names or classification, and the species that haven't even been discovered yet.

Growing cycads

There are many 'strains' of advice that relate to the growing of and caring for cycad species. Obviously their sheer diversity make it difficult to generalise, but several common factors are clear whether you decide to grow your plant in the ground or in a container of some type. For further information regarding the care of specific Cycad species we suggest you visit your nearest bookshop in your home town (or on the Internet) and find the care material that relates to your genus, or species.

Although Cycads may adapt well to near suitable conditions there are four major factors to consider:

Water & Drainage
Most Cycads require a steady moisture flow through throughout their development, especially during their growth period. A good rule to follow is the colder it is, the less water you give to your plants. What is equally important is the drainage of this moisture. Cycads will grow well in almost any medium provided that it is well-drained. Problems like stem rot may arise from poorly drained containers.

Minerals & Nutrients
Cycads are heavy feeders, and respond well to a good nutrient supply. Most growers find that a fertiliser with an even NPK balance and supplemented trace elements included in the potting medium provide a good start. Plants are kept moving with regular dressings of a balanced slow-release formulation such as Osmocote.

Temperature & Light
Temperature and climate are species specific issues, but for the most part Cycads grow well in tropical and sub tropical conditions.

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