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E. cupidus

E.Cupidus. Described in 1971 endemic to Southern Africa occurring in the Eastern Transvaal Province this delightful dwarf subterranean cycad can be found growing in restricted areas, in small colonies in open grasslands, often in rocky areas sometimes securely wedged amounst boulders. Suited to a subtropical climate with hot humid summers and mild to cool winters this specie is know to produce basal suckers profusely and also grows vigorously enjoying full sun and may tolerate moderate to heavy frosts. The 1m long leaves are somewhat untidy looking, bluish-green in colour turning yellowish grey with increasing age. Female cone are light green in colour turning to a yellow-green when ripe, seeds are yellow at first changing to an amber colour as they age. The natural population has suffered drastically from the activities of poachers.

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