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E. transvenosus

E.Transvenosus Described in 1926 endemic to South Africa occurring in the province of the Transvaal this cycad can be found growing on mountain slopes in short grasslands with a climate of humid summers and dry frost-free winters. The fastest grower and tallest cycad in Southern Africa, offers a majestic display of stems, some recorded up to 13m in length, sometimes struck by lightning producing from the damaged area 2 to 3 stems. The striking leaves are a glossy dark green color reaching 1.5 to 2.5m in length and cones are a golden brown with seeds a bright orange red. Commonly known as the "Modjadjii" careful planning in cultivation must be remembered as this plant needs at least a 3cm diameter to display its foliage, enjoys full sun, excellent drainage, responds to good watering during dry periods and should be planted out of the full force of winds but is not frost friendly.

Example of an adult Transvenosus

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