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E. stangeria eriopus

Stangeria Eriopus. Originally this leathery leafed fern like plant was described in 1839 and in 1892 was resurrected as a member of the cycad family due to the cone bearing similarity of the broad cycad family. Endemic to Southern Africa occurring in Provinces of the Eastern Cape, Natal and Zululand, this slow growing cycad has a subterranean stem while older plants may produce as many as 5 to 10 heads that each may at one time produce a cone or 3 to 4 leaves. The climate is hot and humid with good summer rainfalls and dry cool winters but is tender to frost. Various forms are found in different ecological habitats, those found in open grasslands have short hard round tip leaves while those found growing under forest conditions have taller leaves with numerous soft fringed leaflets. Plants growing in cultivation respond to good rich moist soil and may retain there leaves for several years.

Example of an adult Stangeria Eriopus

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