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E. piet retiefii

E. Piet Retiefii. Endemic to Southern Africa occurring in South Eastern Transvaal, species Natalensis, Lebomboensis and Piet Retiefii are all very closely related and early as 1970 it is accepted that the Lebomboensis and Piet Retiefii are more closely related. Found growing in its natural state on steep grassy, south facing slopes and on cliffs of rocky gorges is normally found in full sun but may be in shade throughout the afternoon. The stems are stout, 1 to 2m tall with a diameter of 30 to 35cm, leaves are a bright green colour and grow to reach 1 to 1.2m in length while the cones greenish yellow in colour and seeds are a bright orange to red. Separation of the two species differs clearly in that the leaves of the Piet Retiefii are incurving and not recurving and the leaflets are noticeably narrower.

Example of an adult Piet Retiefii

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