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E. laevifolius

E. Laevifolius. Described in 1926 endemic to Southern Africa occurring in the Transvaal, Natal, Swaziland and the Transkei, this beautiful cycad is know to have 5 widely separated localities and can be found growing on rocky slopes and ridges in full sun among grass and low shrubs. The climate is mild summers and cold winters with frosts being common. This medium cycad with a sturdy erect stem can reach up to 4m in length and 35cm in diameter. The attractive 1m blue green, deeply vee-ed in cross section, straight leaves with a slight twist towards the tip with old dead leaves remaining attached forming a rigid outspread skirt. Female cones are thinly covered with a short whitish wool, barrel shaped while the seeds are orange yellow in colour. Various forms such as the Crocodile, Havelock, Mariepskop, Tugela Ferry, Kaapsehoop are known.

Example of an adult Laevifolius

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