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E. ituriensis

E.Ituriensis. Previously confused with the Hildebrandtii officially described in 1990 occurring in north eastern Zaire this specie can be found growing on granite domes which emerge from the surrounding rainforests, on steep slopes in grassland and among boulders along the fringes of rainforests. The climate is sub-tropical with hot humid summers and cool mild dry winters where frosts are unknown and will grow in full sun or semi shade. The erect or reclining stems can reach 6m in length with diameters of 50cm, the leaves 2 to 3m long, more or less straight and held erect at first, gradually spreading outwards and are leathery in texture. Each leaflet has 3 to 9 teeth like prickles on each side but the apex consists of only one spiny point and is not flanked by one or more teeth like the Hildebrandtii and Laurentianus. Female cones are cylindrical shaped and are apple green in colour while the seeds are red.

Example of an adult Ituriensis

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