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E. humilus

E. Humilus. Separated from the Lanatus genus was described as a new specie in 1951, endemic to Southern Africa occurring in the Eastern Transvaal, this, the smallest of the Encephalartos species can be found growing on grassy mountain slopes in full sun. Climate conditions are cool to temperate in summer and cold winters. Its dwarf subterranean stem can attain 50cm in length and 30cm in diameter but can protrude to a height of 30cm above ground while the bluish green twisted and rather untidy looking leaves, recurved in the upper third forming a narrow V are 30 to 50cm long. Cones are a woolly brownish grey colour turning yellow as it ripens, the seeds are a shiny bright yellow. Both in habitat and cultivation the leaves die off annually just before the new leaves or cones appear.

Example of an adult Humilus

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