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ABOUT Cycads for Africa

Our Cycad Sanctuary located in the enchanting town of Knysna is situated at the foot of the Outeniqua mountains with breathtaking forest scenery and spectacular indigenous forests hold one of the worlds largest collections of these beautiful, prehistoric plants.

We are registered with Cape Nature Conservation and are fully licensed and setup for the export of these spectacular plants to your door including all necessary permits and documents.

South African's can purchase or come and view our larger plants some in excess of five meters. All our cycads are for sale and include licenses and permits.

We offer a complete range of cycads from seeds to adult plants. Please browse our selection of Cycads available as an online purchase.

So, why buy and put energy into Cycads?

Historical interest

Cycads date as far back as the 250 million years ago when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Possessing a typically ancient look, each plant is a masterpiece of nature. Click here to read more about the make-up and biological classification of Cycads


Being an exceptionally rare genus of flora, it goes without saying that mature Cycads (along with the associated permits) may be worth a small fortune. Buying a young plant ensure you can watch your investment grow... literally!


As an owner of any Cycad species you not only get to enjoy the beauty of these magnificent plants, but also know that you are part of a select few who will "appreciate" these plants out of near extinction.


Cycads for Africa and Lagoon View Nursery

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